Swank Sack

Community Supported Agriculture

What is the ‘Swank Sack”?

The Swank Sack allows you to buy a ‘Share’ of the farms production during the South Florida growing season. This allows you to ‘share’ in the rewards of local farming, without having to get your fingers dirty, or make the investment in time to have fresh food on your table. Our farm is not organic, but we practice poultry based nutrition in our grow bags. All of our pest and disease protection is certified OMRI (organic materials review institute). We would not grow anything we would not want ourselves, or our children, to eat.

Swank Farm Share: We offer weekly or every other week deliveries. Swank Farm partners with WHOLE FOODS MARKET as CSA drop off locations. Please see our schedule below.

Each Swank Sack contains 10 items and each item is individually packed and labeled. You will receive a seasonal sampling of:

2 to 3 lettuce mixes
2 raw, cooking or juicing greens
seasonal vegetables
micro greens
micro herbs
edible flowers

Our farm grows over 360 varieties of produce. If you stay with our Farm Share program for the entire season, you will have a chance to try everything our farm grows!

The cost is $55.00 for one share with a minimum purchase of 4 shares for a total pre-payment cost of $220.00.

Once your order is placed you will be contacted to set up weekly or bi-weekly pick-ups. We also offer longer term shares. Please contact us with questions regarding seasonal shares.

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Swank Farm partners with WHOLE FOODS MARKET for pick-up locations. In addition, you can pick-up at the West Palm Beach Green Market, or visit us at Swank Farm. Our pick-up schedule makes it easy for you to get your ‘Sack’, check below for the location that works best for you:


Boca Raton, Pompano Beach and Fort Lauderdale Whole Foods Market after 6 pm.
Swank Farm, between 3pm and 6pm

All shares (excluding WPB green markets) MUST be picked up within 24 hours after share has been delivered You have a 24 hour window to claim your share. Each share will be held safely and securely in each stores produce cooler. Any Whole Foods produce team leader can assist you in claiming your Swank Farm produce “Sack”

To postpone or cancel a share delivery, please call, text or email Swank Farm with 24 hours notice.

We will notify you of your initial 1st drop. Any subsequent drops, there will be NO reminders! Therefore, please mark your calendars! Swank Specialty Produce, or Whole Foods Markets are not responsible for any unclaimed shares.