Delray Beach

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April 13, 2019 – 6:30PM to 9:30PM

 "32" East Farm and Wine Dinner

"This dinner at Swank Farm is about so much more than food and drink. It's about a group of "misfit" cooks that changed the way Delray Beach dines. When I was asked to assemble the team for this event, I realized how interesting the career paths of my "kitchen kids" has come to be. I also realized quite a few of them have never met but somehow still seem to know of each other. This group consists of a sous chef I inherited in 1999 to food runner who became a sous chef and who is now running one of America's finest restaurants and finally to the last chef at 32 East who brought the level of food to a whole new level. There are even a couple marriages and a bunch of kids that also happened along the way as well. It's really quite a story!

I am so proud of them all and quite a few others because without them, 32 East would have been just another restaurant that certainly would not have lasted for over 20 years with only three executive chefs. As I have said many times to the staff "I can't do this alone, no one can."

 - Nick Morfogen, Executive Chef, Pine Tree Golf Club

32 East Participating Chefs

Nick Morfogen - Pine Tree Country Club,  Boynton Beach
    Eric Morales, Saint Andrews School,    Boca Raton
    Jeremy Carrier, Sweetwater, Boynton Beach,
    Joe Anthony, Gabriel Kreuther, New York
    Anthony Fiorini, Luff's Fish House, Boca Raton
    AJ Benaquisto, Vero Disney, Vero Beach
    Ryan Brown, Personal Chef, Palm Beach
    Nunzio Scordo, Driftwood Southern Kitchen, North Carolina
    Lee Mazor, Lovleee Bakeshop, Fort Lauderdale
    Jessie Steele, Death & Glory Delray Beach
    Dan Dore, Death & Glory, Delray Beach
    Bill Ring, Harvest Seasonal Grill, Delray Beach
    Bill Weiss, Island Creek Oyster Co.,  Boston
    Eric Morales, Boca West Counry Club, Boca Raton
    Gary Wood, Gourmet International Pompano Beach
    Travis Vaughn, Graft, Wisconsin
    Justin Shreiber, Country Club of Florida, Boynton Beach
    TJ Sanders, Atlanta Breakfast Club, Atlanta
    Phil Lendoff, Atlanta Breakfast Club, Atlanta
    Ana Rivera, H & F Bread Co., Atlanta  
    John Thomas, Sassafras, West Palm Beach
    Alex Tubero Union Square Cafe, New York
    Ian Hamlett, Pine Tree Golf Club, Boynton Beach
    Matt O'Connell - Nothingman Studios, Bartender

$160.00 per person

Rain or Shine / Tickets are non-refundable / $ 25.00 per ticket transfer fee / Adults 21 and over please

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