An Evening in a Japanese “Pub”

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An Evening in a Japanese “Pub”

An Izakaya is like a Spanish Tapas Bar and a mainstay of the Japanese Restaurant scenes
small-plate cooking, drinks and socializing – Raise a cup of Saki “Kapai”

Benefiting: TBA

Sunday March 14, 2021 5:00 PM to 9:00 PM

$160.00 per person

Rain or Shine | Tickets are non-refundable | Adults 21 and over please

Transfer to another date during the 2021 season; $25.00 per person

Face Masks are required at all times other than eating and drinking, until further notice! 

Event date is past.

Marcel Heiduk
Chef de Cuisine
Delray Beach

Gregg Marsi & George Dassi,
YakiTori Boyz 305

Takeshi Kamioka
Kaminari Ramen
West Palm Beach
Kasai & Koori
Boynton Beach

Emerson Frisbe
Chef Liaison
Swank Table
Mitch Herrick’s Homegrown sinners
Crazy Uncle Mike’s Brewery

Participating Restaurats

independent seafood
Fresh Point
Palm Beach Illustrated
logo swank chefs

Any dietary requirements should be communicated 72 hours prior to the event date.

For sponsorship opportunities, call Jodi Swank at 561-202-5648.

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